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The Project: Tetrush

In this project, we were proposed to redesign the epic web game Tetris for all platforms and with something different. The results were fabulous as our team was able to develop Tetrush, a modern refresh of the classic game; it is also compatible with both Apple and Android platforms.

The Design

This project was quite a challenge, especially for the design team considering that the original game has already every element in place. To bring a new tinge to it, the design team brainstormed their head and finally came up with impeccable graphics.

The Development

Tetrush has been developed using HTML language. The developer implemented several available technologies like AJAX with database integration and JQuery. Interestingly, only one developer build this supreme revive version of the classic time killer.

Game Description

Gaming lovers - get your hands on the most challenging and immersive block-puzzle game ever
Discover the block fun with utterly addictive and classic game play! Its incredibly friendly interface can be used by all ages. Play the time-honored brain game and blast through the block puzzles.

How to play:

  • Fill-in the space with the falling blocks
  • Clear all the grids to score high
  • Rotate the blocks as you desire and fit to the targeted position

Check out its radical features:

  • Elegant and vibrant graphics
  • Classic yet innovative game
  • Supports step-by-step difficulty
  • Easy to play for all ages
  • Highly addictivesss