Snake Sprint

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The Project: Snake Sprint

Snake Sprint has been one of our favorite projects. The requirement was to develop a new version of the legendary snake game you’d played in your childhood on mobiles. This utterly addictive and challenging dot-eating game is available for all platforms and has FB SDK integration enabled.

The Design

The designer team crafted a new layout for the classic game. Designs elements that make the game a standout are colorful graphics, tricky hurdles, mesmerizing sounds effects, and easy user interface that ensure the best user experience.

The Development

This universal game has been built by 1 developer using HTML language. For social media support, it has FB SDK integration and AJAX with JQuery for further functionality. The game also uses database integration to keep a record of your details, scores, etc.

Game Description

The most demanding and utterly addictive snake game ever

Rush the hungry snake towards its food. Grow your snake by eating cherry fruits, but watch out for the wall that can spoil your game experience.

How to Play

  • Eat cherries to up the level
  • The special bonus items last only 10 seconds
  • Eat faster to earn better bonus points
  • Avoid all obstacles in your snake’s way along with hitting its own tail
  • You have only 3 lives to complete the challenging levels

Salient Features

  • Easy to play
  • Elegant and vivid graphics
  • Cool swipe control
  • 5 different levels to go on

let’s check out for how long you can play? Ready? Why waiting? Go for it! Have a snaky fun!