Ohh no

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The Project: Ohh No!

As discussed with the client, the project was to develop a brain-teasing game suitable for all age groups. In response to the request, we developed Ohh No!, a mind-blowing game with completely unique concept. The universal game is powered by latest technologies and tools.

The Design

The game is a fantastic specimen of brilliant design and engaging user interface. The design team has done a great job in working on such an easy-on-eyes and different layout. Left as a simple-but-sober time-killer, Ohh No! boasts really amazing designs.

The Development

A team of 2 developers worked on the project and completed it in time. The developers used HTML language, AJAX with JQuery, Magnet URL (also known as deep linking), and score defeating technologies in the game (FB SDK integration) that make it a universal product. Check out KeenuApps for more interesting apps and games.

Game Description

Ohh No is a brain-training game that everyone from kids to grown-ups will surely enjoy. It sounds easy, but is really challenging! Ohh No will bring you a completely new experience on number-puzzle game series.

How to play

  • Click a tile to make it blue
  • Blue dots can view other dots in their row and column
  • Turn dots blue according to the given numbers
  • Click twice to turn a tile red
  • Red dots blocks the view of Blue

Salient Features:

  • Top-notch mind game
  • Attractive and vivid graphics
  • Unlimited puzzles in different grid sizes
  • No time limit
  • Entertain you for hours

Play Ohh No online now and test your gaming potential yourself!

Get ready for a real challenge! Your brain abilities will be tested by playing this number-puzzle game online.