Epic jezz ball

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The Project: Epic Jezz Ball

Epic Jezz Ball one of the projects that demanded something different. From its unique concept to the interesting gameplay, our design and development team put great ideas and used latest in technology to come up with this universal game.

The Design

Design part of the project had been the toughest challenge as the designers had to create something which would not only engage the players but also suit the concept. Ultimately, after some session of brainstorming, the final design was put forward and loved by the players and client.

The Development

For this game with great concept and fabulous graphics, the development was the most crucial part to make it all possible. The developer did a brilliant job using AJAX with JQuery to bring data to life by using HTML. The project as a result, came out with powerful visualization and interaction techniques with a data-driven approach.

Game Description

A simple yet addictive game with balls in a rectangular area.

Your mission is to use your mouse wheel and trap the balls by making horizontal or vertical lines in as small space as possible. Avoid touching balls, else you lose. While making a wall, if a jezz atom hit the wall half then the wall will be destroyed and you lose a life. So be aware and use your gaming strategy to form a wall and trap the jezz atom.

How to play?

  • Confine the red balls in minimum area
  • Clear at least 75% play-area to complete the level
  • just make vertical or horizontal wall to limit the given area
  • Trap the ball in given time, i.e. 3 minutes, else you lose it
  • You can start with two lives and keep adding one as you up the levels

Salient features of Epic Jezz Ball

  • Three different modes: Easy, Medium and Hard
  • Multi-level game
  • Vibrant graphics
  • Dazzling sound effects
  • Easy to play
  • Utterly addictive