Frienzie Bird

The Project: Frienzie Bird

This project is one of our best works as it flaunts amazing design, unique concept behind it, and stunning animations; all in perfect place. The client only had a plan to make a game for all age groups while rest of the legwork was done on our behalf. The game came out as a great outcome in the end.

The Design

Design of Frienzie Bird is the best thing about it, considering that the designers used extraordinary animations and catchy interface to keep players engaged for hours. The design team also used multiple image saving options to keep the game intact.

The Development

Coming to the development, Frienzie Bird was developed in the premises of KeenuApps and turned out to be a classic concept. Made on Xcode platform, the mobile game has been developed using Objective-C language and it is supported by FB SDK integration and universal compatibility. The game proved to be an out-of-the-box product with nice interface, vivid graphics, and powerful development.

Game Description

Be prepared to thrill your senses with this highly challenging game!

You’ve got an interesting task to accomplish. Help the little bird called Mr. Parakeet to break the cage and fly high across the open sky.

However, there are many things you need to know before you dare to crack this hard nut. The path is filled with dangerous serpents that are hell-bent on killing the little bird. Their hiss is as spooky as their venom and can kill Mr. Parakeet within a blink of an eye. Just to make things more painful for you, there are several other obstacles blocking your way but that’s where the challenge lies. So, gear up for utterly addictive challenge!

Successfully dodge all the spiteful serpents and obstacles blocking your way and move the bird to his freedom to emerge victorious. Just prove the world that you own it!

Key features of Frienzie Bird

  • Engrossing gameplay
  • Easy one-touch control
  • Best GUI amongst other games of its category
  • Eye pleasing graphics and colors
  • Active Leaderboard
  • Amusing sounds to keep you engaged throughout the game
  • Share your high score on social media

Play this marvelous game on your iPhone/iPad to have some quality time. Challenge your friends! Beat their Hi-score and share your score on social media to prove your monopoly.

Play this wonderful game to experience the thrill and frenzy you had never experience before.