Crazie Cubez

The Project: Crazy Cubez

The proposal was made for a mobile cum web game with a new concept. Crazy Cubez was developed keeping in mind the client’s requirements and latest gaming trends on mobile and the web. The universal game is available on App Store.

The Design

The game is a superb specimen of perfect animation and vivid graphics in a lucid interface. It was inspired by the craze of players for puzzle games and hence the design team came up with an extraordinary 2048 puzzler with something new.

The Development

Developed in the premises of KeenuApps, Crazy Cubez flaunts unmatchable animations backed by FB SDK integration. 2 developers worked on the project using SpriteKit tools, Objective-C language, and additional tools. You can also check out other apps and games made by Keenuapps. The mobile game boasts Syncing feature, implemented using Web API integration to sync scores on web version as well.

Game Description

Crazy Cubez is a fun, addictive and the most challenging number puzzle game. The aim is to reach the 2048 tile by matching the same numbers.

How to play

  • Keep adding the numbers till you reach the 2048 tile
  • Swipe (left, right, up, down) to move the tiles
  • When two same-number tiles touch, they clubs into one to make higher score

Salient features of Crazy Cubez

  • Super addictive number puzzle game
  • Simple and elegant user interface
  • Brag about your victory on social platforms

If you are fan of playing challenging games online then you are going to love this number puzzle game, mark my words! Test your gaming potential now and try to reach 2048 tile, only if you can!