Crazie ball

The Project: Crazy Ball

The initial concept of a ball game was submitted by the client itself and we needed to work on it to come up with a working, interesting game based on the same. Interestingly, Crazy Ball was developed with completely different approach which first struck the research team and was later on followed by the design and development experts.

The Design

The design part of the project was the biggest challenge for the designers as the game looked so simple at first but needed every minute detail in place. The entire designing work on the app is brilliant, unique, and loaded with fun.

The Development

Crazy Ball has been developed using Objective-C language and SpriteKit tool. The project was completed by adding Web API and FB SDK integration for more utility. The animations and interesting sound effects further make the game more responsive, fun to play, and immersive.

Game Description

Time to feel the adrenaline rush

The sole motto is: “Don’t let the ball drop”. You have to keep taping the football patiently to keep it in the air; but make no mistake, it’s engrossing and utterly challenging.

The fun and addiction is bound to border craziness with each tap! Crazie Ball is a deeply engaging iPhone and iPad game that will test your concentration along with providing you lots and lots of excitement. Crazie Ball adventure is destined to grip you with its exuberant features:

How to play

  • The fun will only grow with each tap on the ball
  • Mild and easy-on-eye graphics
  • Share your high score on Facebook and dare your friends to go past your score
  • Fantabulous sounds to ensure you’ll never get bored
  • It feels like playing amidst a house filled to the rafters