Catch Twins

The Project: Catch Twins

We were asked to come up with a game with fun and usefulness in equal dose. The challenge was to develop something interesting for all age groups and all platforms. We are happy that we were able to make Catch Twins, a brilliant memory game that can be played on both Android and Apple platforms.

The Design

The project started with a view to design a game with stunning graphics and catchy interface. As a result, the design team put its best foot forward and created some mind-blowing animation work to make this game a winner.

The Development

Developed by one expert, Catch Twins is a mobile game built with Storyboard (earlier known as XIB). The universal game has FB SDK integration and based on Objective-C language, like most of our other apps and games. Other x-factors in the project are SQLite Database, Web API integration, Xcode Platform, and compatibility with all platforms (iOS 4 and later).

Game Description

A tiny yet terrific iPhone game that will put your memory to test, Catch Twins is one easygoing way to sharpen your memory while having fun! Game Objective – find and match all twins. To find all the matching pairs of the images.

How to play:

  • You will be shown some images, each covered with a button to conceal its identity
  • Select two of the images by tapping on them one by one
  • If both images are the same, those will be removed. In case they’re different, you should try to remember what the images is so you can try again
  • Select two more images by tapping on images you think might be identical
  • The level is over when you have matched all of the identical images and all the twins are gone

Major attractions?

  • Bubbly sound clips to make sure you never get bored
  • Crisp, clear and peppy graphics
  • Fun way to sharpen your memory
  • Just the right memory game for kids and novice users