Yo Docket

The Project: Yo Docket

We were told the concept of a task manager cum scheduler app by the client, so the challenge was to design and develop a functional utility app in real. With efforts and contribution from the team, we finally developed the product as demanded. Popular as Yo Docket, you can manage all your tasks at the go, no matter what platform!

The Design

The motto of the design team was to create the simplest interface with most functionality. The app was finally delivered with the discussed and some additional features to give it more power. The graphics used in the project are one of their kinds.

The Development

Yo Docket is a universal app made using Objective-C language to offer ease of use. Made on Xcode platform with SQLite database and FB SDK integration, the app is a lightweight task scheduler loaded with best features in its category.

App Description

YoDocket is a highly efficient productivity app for iOS. It grants you authority to manage all your tasks, schedules, and appointments with just a single tap. This way, you can easily manage everything happening in your day-to-day life.

Use this wonderful task management utility to make your life more organized. Enter all your to-do things and keep a check on them with pleasant reminder. Next time you will never forget a thing, no matter if it’s an important meeting in the office, a dental appointment, someone special’s birthday, or your marriage anniversary (forgetting this is the worst nightmare you’ll ever have).

How to use YoDocket

It’s very easy to use YoDocket to schedule important tasks. Launch the app, the main screen will be visible where you can see various tasks you’ve scheduled earlier. In order to schedule a new task:

  • Just click on the + (plus) button in the upper right corner
  • Enter the name of the task and other details like the time for which you want to schedule it
  • Finally, click on the check-mark (✓) button

Key features of YoDocket

  • Simple and lightweight app
  • Interactive user interface
  • Makes it a child’s play to manage and organize your day-to-day schedule
  • Schedule important events and appointments in advance so that you never forget anything important
  • Offers Drag & Drop support to organize your tasks more easily
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

You can always rely on this wonderful productivity tool to organize important tasks.

Just install YoDocket on your iPhone/iPad. Your life will start running on a smoother track.