Selfie lele

The Project: Selfie Lele

The client had only a desire to make an app that would make it easy to take selfies. To meet the demand, we researched and eventually developed a dedicated app Selfie Lele to click best selfies and share with the world. It is available for both Android and Apple devices.

The Design

The project was carried out smoothly and delivered before time; credit goes to the dedication of the design team who created a wonderful, universal app with impressive graphics and image work. Click perfect selfies anywhere, anytime from any device and share with the world with its FB integration.

The Development

Selfie Lele, a utility app with user-friendly concept was developed on Xcode platform with additions like FB SDK integration and SQLite database integration, along with compatibility for all platforms. Brought forth by a development team of two, the universal mobile app makes use of Objective-C language, and animations for better functionality.

App Description

It’s not just about capturing and sharing your selfies anymore, it’s time to do more with your selfies

Capture, edit and share selfies, from just about anywhere, and secure them behind a pin to protect your privacy

If time is your constraint, then here’s the fastest way to grab a selfie. Capture, share your memoirs and special moments, and preserve them forever. ‘Selfie LeLe’ is the next big buzz word in the world of selfie apps Try it, you’ll like it… Take charge of the trend the world loves to follow! The newest innovation in a secure, light and stable environment!

Selfie Lele is an immaculate, heavy-duty app that goes way beyond the common genre of the so-called ‘Selfie Apps’.

Selfie Apps needs no introduction, whatsoever. So cutting to the chase, here we’ll simply present top you a panorama of why and how Selfie Lele is different; and of course, better than scores of similar apps available out there.

Salient Features

  • Vivid, vibrant and versatile graphics and color codes
  • Easy-to-use and easy-on-eyes
  • Feature-rich & future-ready image editing tools to give your selfies a face-life
  • One tap to share your selfies with your loved ones
  • Secure and lock your pictures behind a privacy pin to ensure no one gains access to them without your consent
  • Verified publisher
  • No unwanted ads, pop-ups or notifications