Mail Myself

The Project: Mail Myself

We were requested to develop a productivity app that lets would let users save important notes and media to themselves. For this, we developed Mail Myself, a universal app loaded with useful features and available on App Store.

The Design

Our design team once again proved its potential by designing Mail Myself on Xcode platform using catchy graphics FB SDK Integration. The idea behind the design was to deliver brilliance that reflects in its lucid interface.

The Development

Developed by one of our experts, the utility app is based on Objective-C Language and SQLite Database, and compatible with iOS 4 and newer versions. Our expert developed the complete project for Apple Platforms with multiple image/video saving options.

App Description

Have you ever stumbled upon something interesting across the web that you want to save on your device? A link, a picture, or an inspiring quote maybe! This highly productive utility app by the name Mail Myself will definitely prove handy.

The application makes it a child’s play to send any interesting content to yourself via email so that you can access it anytime later. This way you never skip anything interesting you find on the web.

How to use Mail Myself

It’s extremely easy to use Mail Myself for sending any interesting content to yourself. Just tap on the share button on the app you’ve opened on your iPhone, select Mail Myself app, enter your email id, and tap on the Send button.

The email will be sent to your logged in email account. You can check it from there.

Key features of Mail Myself

  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with all versions of iOS
  • Keep record of all the emails you sent to yourself
  • Performance face-lift to ensure blue-ribbon user experience
  • Quickly create notes and mail them to yourself via an email client

There are myriad of utility apps on the App Store, but this one is a lot different. Don’t believe our words? Just try the app at least once. You’ll find out for yourself why Mail Myself is the best choice.