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The Project: iCibus

A completely new idea, iCibus is an ambitious project of our client to bring automation to restaurant management processes. From its very interesting concept, the app has some impressive features and capabilities that make it a standout and new approach to the restaurant and hotel industry.

The Design

Design of the project has been done with a view to keep it simple but of high quality. The interface is easy and loaded with great graphics to make it easy to have a clear idea of its purpose. You won’t find it complicated, the designs being messy, or being lost in the options; the designers have done their best to make the app look its best.

The Development

The development of iCibus has been a tough challenge as the app demanded lots of features and functionalities within a small package. Thankfully, the developers managed to exceed the expectations and developed the app fully functional and running, with all required features like Web API integration. It is a B2B app made in Objective-C language on Xcode platform. iCibus is available on App Store in separate category which deals in Business-to -Business apps only. It works in landscape mode on iPad, which further increases its functionality.

App Description

Bring automaton to your restaurant management processes!

Take orders, examine employee performance, reorganize goods, and streamline your entire business from just about anywhere and anytime with iCibus. With the app, you can easily keep a tab on your stocks, sales, and taxes using its built-in reports. Besides, it helps you make wiser business decisions.

Powered by a global and rock-solid backend technology, iCibus is meant for providing everything you need to profitably run and enlarge your commerce. Aimed to cut down manual efforts, time consumption, and overall expenses, it is a secure and cost-effective restaurant management solution to help you engage more consumers, manage your resources, ring up your sales, and develop your business as a dominant force in the market.

Salient features

  • Eliminates paperwork and lackluster billing processes
  • Flexible payment options
  • Eye-catching and self-explanatory user interface
  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Lucid navigations
  • Multi-site access
  • Provides day-to-day restaurant processes, sales statistics, and customer behavior
  • Detailed transaction reports