The Project: Biryani9

Biryani9 is our latest project based on an app for ordering Biryanis online. The whole concept and idea was submitted by the client to us and we were supposed to design and develop an app for it. The project came out to be a really responsive and quality-driven given the extent of features and capability added to it.

The Design

In the initial phase, the designer had lots of ideas for the app but at the end the best one was finalized with exact graphics, lucid interface, and brilliant color combinations. Biryani9 came out to be an absolutely to-the-point app with perfect design work and engaging images.

The Development

2 developers made the food ordering app using latest developing tools and technologies like Objective-C language and WEB API integration and made on Xcode platform. It is highly responsive and was meant to be a lightweight app. The developers added a lot of useful features to the app so that the user may find it easy to order Biryanis without complications and errors.

App Description

We believe that great food not only fulfills your yearning for hunger and your sense of taste, but also possibly delights your mood and adds a pinch of magic to your day.

It is with this commitment that we deliver to you our assorted collection of deliberately cooked, lavishly flavored, mouth-watering biryanis and tikkas from various parts of India.Our biryanis are rich in taste and nutrition, supported by our determined obligation on presenting to you a reliably excellent ordeal, without stopping for even a minute.

Every day is a Biryani Day.

Making it simple and feasible for you to enjoy our biryanis even in a hurry, every biryani is delivered to you in a spill-proof package alongside a pack of side dishes like raita mix, yogurt, or chutney, and in addition disposable cutlery and paper napkins.

Our Biryani9 app makes it exceptionally easy for you to order from our exciting range of biryanis. Besides, you can pay the way you like - Visa, internet banking, digital wallets, UPI, eCOD, or COD. We bring all convenient payment options to your need.

All you need to do is select your location (currently available in 4 cities – Hoodi, Bangalore; Noida, Uttar Pradesh; Marathahalli, Bangalore; and Mysore, Karnataka), choose your delicious biryanis type, pay the bill, and just wait for the order to arrive. We recognize your commitment towards making Biryani9 the perfect name for Biryanis in India. That’s the reason we try to make every order our best shot.

No limitations on orders! No Delay! Simply Delightful!!

We strongly believe that your data inputs are significant in helping us reliably give you an outstanding experience at Biryani9. What's more, we respect your efforts in connecting with us, to support us for a job well done, and to help us serve you a better way.